John Suder

West Palm Beach, Florida

My Projects

GitHub repositories that I've built.

T-Sql type checker that detects improper joins, invalid null value operations, enumeration check constraint violations, incorrect use of temporary table at call site, more. On-line demo available.
Proof of the dependent typing capabilities of TypeScript. Demonstration of type-checking literal arrays of Rummikub tiles as valid Runs or Groups.
TypeScript 2 0
Demonstration of using MobX + React project with Typescript discriminated unions to help make impossible states unrepresentable.
TypeScript 1 0
Multicast Causal Ordering simulation and visualization. Using vector clocks to maintain the order of causally related messages in a distributed system.
An on-line literate logic programming language (similar to Prolog) designed to replace symbol heavy syntax with literate keywords in order to focus learners on fundamental logic programming concepts.
OCaml 1 0
A TypeScript generator demonstration project with a number of interactive programs written as generator functions (LOGO, Line Drawing, Gravity Tiles). On-line demo available.
TypeScript 1 0
A small on-line decision matrix application to assist in decision making and communicating relevant factors with collaborators. Written in OCaml using TEA. Hosted on-line demo available.
OCaml 1 0
Versatile A* (A Star) implementation in TypeScript.
TypeScript 1 0
Companion code to a talk given on securing code with the Option data type.

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